With great delight, we held our 17th Annual Qur’an Competiton. Alhamdulillah, the program grew significantly over the years; where around 1700 participants from different ages competed in memorizing and reciting the Quran, mashAllah. Close to 4000 attendees were present at the awards ceremony on Family Day. Later on in the month,
MARCH 2020
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MAC Olive Grove School Preschool
Students' Selfie

Our Vision is to contribute to:

Making the prevalent understanding of Islam, one of balance, constructive engagement, and relevance to life.

Integrating the understanding of Islam and Islamic values in Canadian society so that Islam and Muslims are not perceived as alien
Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmtu Allah (Peace be with you)

By the grace of Allah, I hope you and your family are having a productive, energetic and blessed start to the month of March, inshAllah. This past February MAC took part in numerous community events that helped us foster a sense of unity and service.

With great delight, we held our 17th Annual Qur’an Competiton. Alhamdulillah, the program grew significantly over the years; where around 1700 participants from different ages competed in memorizing and reciting the Quran, mashAllah. Close to 4000 attendees were present at the awards ceremony on Family Day. Later on in the month, MAC Mississauga partnered with Nisa Homes to assemble Special Hope Boxes as gestures of service and giving back to help our communities. While in Alberta MAC was invited to a formal Muslim community outreach initiative by Premier Jason Kenney where we presented essential demands including diversity and inclusion in Alberta, and similarly, in Ontario MAC held a constructive dialogue with the Minister of Finance Rod Phillips on Ontario’s budget and important issues for Ontarians at MPP Khaleed Rasheed’s office.

All of us at MAC are grateful and honoured to devote ourselves to this cause, day in and day out. Many of us personally have sent our children to MAC schools, part-time Sunday schools, and have committed to volunteering at MAC as a lifestyle choice. We have grown to love this community because of the invaluable resources, support and hope it provides. On behalf of MAC staff and volunteers, who care tremendously about what we do and hope to achieve, I proudly say we also care about you.

In honour of International Women's Day, I would like to acknowledge the women who make MAC such a prosperous organization. Indeed these women along with all others in our lives are trailblazers, strong examples of leadership, beautiful examples of devotion and invaluable pillars of our community building inroads to a prosperous future.

As you read this monthly newsletter, I hope it will remind you of our recent achievements and excite you for the future as you envision the mission of MAC in 2020. For those of you who have tirelessly committed time and energy to the success of this organization, I thank you. For the many of you who are new, I welcome you to MAC.

Please know this much: we're working together to cultivate and grow a welcoming, inclusive, generous atmosphere for everyone. And to the extent, you reasonably can,  please remember to donate to keep us as busy as possible in 2020.

As always, please let us know what you think. There is a survey at the bottom of this newsletter where you can share and express your feedback; we are always open to suggestions and new ideas.

May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts and bless you all,

Sharaf Sharafeldin, Executive Director
Muslim Association of Canada

A Calgary Muslim centre is providing a safe space for young Muslim girls to connect with older role models.The Sisters Youth Club for girls aged seven to 12 meets every other Friday. It always begins with an inspirational talk, usually touching on personal growth and Islamic teachings. Fatimah Braimoh, 11, says the club has helped her gain a sense of belonging continue reading...

02/03: MAC Mississauga Chapter's Community Engagement Committee collaborated with NISA Homes to build Special Hope Boxes for vulnerable women and children. This was a heartfelt and wonderful team effort by continue reading...

02/04: MAC held a constructive dialogue with the Ontario Minister of Finance Rod Philips an on Ontario’s budget and issues important to Ontarians. Thank you to MPP Khaled Rasheed for hosting fiscal policy discussions continue reading...
02/13: MAC Chairman Dr. Nabil Sultan and Dr. Wael Haddara met and connected with Susan Johnson, National Bishop from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Thank you to the Church for inviting us to speak with MAC in regards to building faith in Canada, working together as faith communities and continue reading...
02/13: MAC had a constructive discussion about religious freedom, Fairness for Newcomers Action Plan at a roundtable with Premier Jason Kenney and MLA Leela Aheer amongst others from the Alberta Legislature and community leaders. We thank MLA Leela Aheer for her kind words engaging spirit continue reading...

02/16: MAC members visited MP Sven Spengemann to congratulate him on re-election, discuss expectations of the Muslim community from the newly elected Liberal government while sharing the story of MAC’s growth by presenting the Annual Community Report continue reading...

MAC Waterloo | March 08

We are very pleased to invite all of you to participate in the Fourth Waterloo-Wellington Quran Contest 2020

Annual Ramadan Food Packages - Mississauga
MAC Mississauga | March 6

Please encourage your child to get into the Ramadan spirit of giving for those less fortunate.
MAC Mississauga | March 28-29

Tawingo Outdoor Centre is an amazing location offering outdoor activities:mountain hiking, fire building & sports.

MAC CCL | March 08 | 9-5p

Mosque Alrawdah - MAC) is organizing a trip to Sliding Pays d'en Haut on Sunday 8 March 2020
MAC Calgary| March 28 | 9-1p

At the last blood drive on September 21st, you gave 76 blood units out of 77 target units with a 99% success rate. Jazakum Allah khair!

CIIC Volunteers Registration
MAC CIIC| Ongoing

We are planning many projects and events for 2020. Including a full Ramadan program, Eid Fest, Summer camps, and many more.

3rd Annual Spiritual Journey Conference
MAC London | April 11 | 10-5p

Save the date: this year’s Spiritual Journey Conference will be on April 11, 2020 InshaAllah.

Tajwid lessons (Quran reading rules)
MAC Montreal| April 11 | 10-5p

Tajwid course according to the version of warch presented by Sh. Chouaib for the brothers, every Wednesday, after the Salat icha prayer.
MAC Mississauga | Feb 29

MAC Mississauga celebrated & learned about the Black Muslim experience first hand with Guest Speaker Sr. Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir
MAC Kitchener | Feb 7th

Knowing the One Through the 99: A Journey to Allah with Br. Saif Islam

Next Steps A Singles Only Social
MAC Noor-Gardens| March 1

A singles only event, where those looking to complete half their Deen met up and introduced themselves

Psycho Spiritual First Aid
MAC Calgary | Feb 28

Dr. Mahdi Qasqas provides expertise on the best practices when working with Muslims at the individual, family and community level

Fun, Food & Friendship
MAC Vancouver| Feb 15

MAC Vancouver enjoyed an evening with family and friends while sharing their favourite recipes with the community

Qiyam Night

MAC Al-Furqan Toronto | Feb 28

We prayed and we socialized. Our prayers were led by our school youth students who are memorizing the Quran.

Winter Revival Retreat
MAC Ottawa| Feb 14-16

MAC Ottawa got together to remember Allah and create lasting bonds of fraternity

MAC Windsor RCIC

Islamic Human Development program we will be hosting on Feb 28th. Our Guest speaker will be Sr. Yasmeen Yousef.

MAC Edmonton  

MAC Edmonton introduced The Good Word Cafe and the concept of Ta'aruf while enjoying quality coffee and snacks

MAC The Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization

Talk by International Support for Uyghurs focussing on what is happening to Uyghurs in China.Thank you to everyone who attended.
Our courses are centred on well researched and authenticated topics, presented by well-grounded scholars and advocates of Islamic thought. Through the MAC E-Learning project, you will become acquainted with a well-rounded approach to Islam. Topics such as Islamic manners, Islamic thought, spirituality and misconceptions with regards to pertinent and relevant topics will be addressed. Answers to many overlooked questions are also integrated as part of this learning experience.

Is there any command in the Quran that allows Muslims to fight others on the sole grounds that they are not Muslim whether they are Jewish, Christians, Pagans or Idolaters?

Is there an Ayah of the Qur’an which labels people of the book as ‘Mushrikeen’. Indeed Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) receives credit for keeping the peace for 13 years.

What did the Geneva Conventions and the various humanitarian international laws of war add to in essence to what the Prophet of Islam taught 14 centuries ago? Click here to visit the course.

Instructor: Professor Jamal Badawi


Donate Towards Comunity and Individual Growth

When you give to MAC, you are funding life-changing programs that help thousands of children, youth and families across Canada. MAC relies on the generosity of Canadians to support our work.

There are many ways you can help in our fundraising efforts. MAC welcomes donations both for general funding or to support specific projects. You can donate on the website through a secure connection by credit card. In addition to financial donations, MAC accepts gifts of securities and property. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes at the beginning of the next calendar year.

To invest in the future leaders of tomorrow please donate here.

A heartfelt thank you to our generous Donors!
   Sr. Hala Abogoddah
Hala Abogoddah was born in Aleppo, Syria. She moved to Canada in 2000 with her husband and seven children and holds a BA in Islamic studies.

Soon Upon arrival to Canada, Sr. Hala joined MAC in 2000 because is a proactive organization that understands, and practices, Islam in a balanced way. Joining MAC meant she can work with an organization where her efforts and those of others will positively impact Muslim life in Canada while making a definite difference in her new country.

Currently, Sr. Hala is the Principal of Al-Huda Schools and manages Al Otrojah for Quran Studies in Mississauga. Sr. Hala's passion is education and she believes it is the key to enlightenment and progress. She is one of the leaders who enabled MAC to provide educational services to the Muslim community and she envisions a future where Muslims and fellow Canadians live in prosperity, peace and mutual respect without prejudice and bigotry.

Sr. Hala always keeps reminding herself of the saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): "The best of the people are those who benefit the people".  

To learn more about MAC Spotlight, you can visit this link.

Muslim Association of Canada
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Mississauga, Ontario L5K 1B4
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