The month of October has been significant and monumental in many ways. On October 21st as a nation, we exercised our fundamental right to choose the next Prime Minister of Canada.
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Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmtu Allah (Peace be with you)

Dear Community Members,

The month of October has been significant and monumental in many ways. On October 21st as a nation, we exercised our fundamental right to choose the next Prime Minister of Canada. I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being elected as Canada’s 43rd Prime Minister. We are ready to work with him to build a fairer and just country, help establish healthy and safe cities and serve our communities from coast-to-coast. From April to October 2019, MAC volunteers have contributed countless hours in helping to #GetOutTheVote and shaping the democratic discourse, and I am proud to say this effort has paid off because we see at the grassroots level, across MAC’s institutions, our community’s voter turnout and interest steadily increasing. 

On this note, I would also like to acknowledge everyone who contributed to the democratic process whether they were volunteering with door to door canvassing, distributing literature, making phone calls, or running as a candidate.
The month of October also marks Islamic History Month in Canada where we take the opportunity to open our doors to our neighbours, showcase the beauty of our faith and keep our hearts open to one another so we can grow together as a collective community. Across the nation, MAC institutions and schools have hosted and participated in local events in the efforts to create deep meaningful dialogue and establish a healthy understanding on how interfaith communities not only coexist together but also help one another form beautiful societies where we connect as faithful creations of God.

As we enter the month of November, I want to thank everyone for their honest and earnest support; it is truly wonderful to see how so many of us are devoted to our faith, our nation and to a healthy and prosperous future. We work each day to help build a healthy pluralistic society because we believe in a better future for everyone.

May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts and bless you all,

Sharaf Sharafeldin
Executive Director
Muslim Association of Canada
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At MAC we would be happy to read your feedback, please follow this link and fill out the form. Thank you for taking the time share your thoughts and sentiments because when a community can work together and sort out their differences, this will make them stronger from within.

Statements Condemning Synagogue Shootings on Yom Kippur
in Halle, Germany
To learn read the full statements on our website, please click here.
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OGS is excited to be the pilot school for launching of MAC iRISE. In the school year 2017-18,  only Grades 4-6 participated in this program. The program has now been extended to all grades 1-10.

iRISE is an evidence-based, community-driven, character education program whereby students embody Islamic values and acquire relevant life skills to meet the 21st-century challenges, rooted in developing a strong relationship with Allah SWT.

Our vision for iRISE is to encourage students to embody the Islamic character; to reach their full potential; to have a strong sense of responsibility and care; and to be prepared to rise above any challenges they may face.

iRISE stands for:

  • i: symbolizes personal connection to Allah SWT and ownership of the values
  • Rabbaniyah: Developing faith and being God-centered
  • Integrity: Strong internally-driven moral principles
  • Service: Acting upon one’s responsibility with respect to all concentric circles: from individual to family to society to the world
  • Excellence: Developing knowledge, skills and personal attributes to reach one’s full potential
We are excited for our students to embark on this journey to rise to please Allah SWT; rise to do what’s right; rise to care for others; and rise to do their best. To learn more, please visit.

iRISE is an evidence-based, community-driven, character education program whereby students embody Islamic values and acquire relevant life skills to meet the 21st-century challenges, rooted in developing a strong relationship with Allah SWT.

Clothing Drive

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Sisters in Sync

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Programme éducatif destiné aux jeunes Mahdi Tirkawi

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MAC Youth Jr

We will discover our Muslim heritage, learn strategies of positive thinking, and renew our intentions
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Mom & Tots

Connect with other Muslim mothers to discuss and share ideas and support one another learn more here

Open Doors

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Sewing for women

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Tween Youth Group

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Strategies for Supportive Parenting

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Open Doors

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English Classes

Cours d'anglais pour le primaire
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17th annual Quran competition Al-Otrojah

We are also excited to announce that this year’s Quran competition will
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The femPOWER Book club

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Foundation of the Deen

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MAC London | Islamic History Month
SYG’s nature scavenger hunt: The Amazing Race! Learn more here

MAC Vancouver Morning Halaqa

Sisters Fikh&Tafser Halaqa starting Wednesday, October 9th 10:30am-12:30 pm Learn more here

MAC London Westmount

Happening tonight at 7PM! Get informed and VOTE!
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MAC Kitchener Masjid

Children at Kitchener Masjid Excited to #GetOutTheVote! Learn more here

MAC Toronto | Islamic History Month

A day full of food from various cultures, presentations, tours, arts, and get the chance to write your name in Arabic Calligraphy
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MAC Hespler Masjid

A special session for sisters was held titled: Self-sport from ạltkẖlyẗ to dessert Learn more here

MAC Edmonton #GetoutTheVote

“We are loudest when we vote!”

Donate Towards Comunity and Individual Growth

The United Way CN Tower Climb will occur over the first weekend of November, this Saturday, from November 2 and Sunday, November 3. Your small steps can make a huge difference for local communities. Join United Way at UP 2019 as thousands of people climb 1,776 steps to the top of the CN Tower and help communities rise from poverty to possibility. Choosing to climb is your way of taking positive action and showing your local love.

Registration fees: all MAC participants will receive a 25% discount off the registration fee by using the special discount code up2019mac. The registration fee is $10 for students (18 years and under) and $20 for adults. To register, visit here.

Minimum-fundraising requirements: To be eligible to climb, each participant must raise and submit the following fundraising minimums by your event day: $60 for students, and $100 for all other climbers. As always, 100% of funds raised will go directly to United Way’s ongoing work in fighting poverty across our region.

To invest in the future leaders of tomorrow please donate
here. Will you step #UP4Community this November?

A heartfelt thank you to our generous Donors!
   Samer EL NIZ

Br. Samer EL NIZ joined MAC in August 2008 and Is the facility manager for Laurentien Community Center/Al Rawdah Mosque. He has a Bachelor in Biochemistry from Lebanese University - Beirut and a Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology from McGill University, Graduate Diploma in Engineering Process of Water Treatment from University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille - France and a Masters Degree in Water Science from the National Institute for Science and Research - Quebec.

Samer is grateful to MAC for having confidence in his abilities and trusting him to manage the different community hubs that warm his heart in the Canadian cold weather. In 2012, Muslim Canadian Forum recognized Br. Samer for his contribution to the Muslim communityl, he has since participated on a humanitarian trip with Islamic Relief Canada to raise awareness about Refuges Camp in Jordan.

Br. Samer's main career focusses are to ensure the stability of the centers, improve his management skills, educate his children and himself, give back to society and help his adored wife to achieve her Ph.D. degree in Education. His field of study are the science but his passions include teaching, reading history and working with other communities against racism and poverty.
Muslim Association of Canada
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