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JULY 2019
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  • MAC in the NEWS | JUNE 2019

Assalamu Alykum wa rahmtu Allah (Peace be with you)

Dear Community Members,

I hope you and your family have had a joyous start to summer, along with the Canada Day celebrations!  We are blessed to call Canada home, indeed the favours of our Lord are abundant.

On behalf of the Muslim Association of Canada, I wish you all a Happy Canada Day. As we celebrate Canada Day with millions of Canadians across this vast and great country, it is important to recognize the efforts of those was laboured to build this nation and its enduring institutions.  Canada had passed through many phases and evolved through the years to a prosperous and democratic nation with an inclusive multicultural society which exemplifies a modern and dynamic society for the 21 century. Indeed, our Canadian family encompasses 200 ethnic groups, of which at least 13 groups have populations exceeding 1 million people. Uniquely, Canada forged a patriotic sense of pride anchored in values rather than tribal nationalism. This inspiring vision of pluralistic Canadian identity was proven to be resilient and capable of infusing and integrating new attributes and distinctive features to better reflect the continuously changing the reality of Canadian society.

The month of June held noteworthy developments in Canada, primarily the release of the National Inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) report. I encourage all members of our community to read and reflect on what the report reveals and take these findings and messages to heart and mind.  I reiterate what MAC's Chairman, Nabil Sultan writes, "Muslims need to acknowledge and understand the colonial legacy of Canada which they continuously benefit from. Islamic schools, mosques and other community institutions need to prioritize education about this history and how it continues to the present day." I encourage everyone to read his response to the MMIWG report found below.

On this note, MAC will be working to help support our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters by creating a scholarship for students from Indigenous communities to study journalism and create partnerships with departments of Indigenous Studies in academic institutions to help facilitate and update the curriculum for our schools and include additional material/resources about the indigenous history as per recommendation 15.2 in the MMIGW report.

Last month Canada sadly also witnessed the passing of Quebec’s Legislature Bill 21, which takes away the fundamental rights and civil liberties of our Brothesr and Sisters from all faith backgrounds who wish to observe their faith. As a nation, we should be concerned about the impact of Bill 21, as Memona Hossain, our Board Member writes, "almost half of Canadians (47%) believe racism is a major issue confronting society today. One in four Canadians (23%) have been a victim of this growing tide". We must work collectively to ensure our freedoms and constitutional rights are not stifled at the cost of equal opportunity to participate in public service. You can find Memona’s article and our Official Statement below.

Finally, by the Grace of Allah (SWT) and our Communications team, we are extremely excited to announce that our new National website went live last month! Please visit the new website and let us know what you think in the survey below. May God accept and bless our efforts, and may we live in a united Canada where all communities are prosperous and find the path to peace and reconciliation, Ameen.

Love and Light,

Sharaf Sharafeldin
Executive Director
Muslim Association of Canada
Our Story

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) was established in 1997 with specific responsibility and vision: a passion to help Muslim communities within Canada and to adopt a balanced, moderate understanding of Islam that actively benefits by engaging within society. MAC acquired the first community center in 1997 in the Greater Toronto Area.

MAC strives to engage all Canadians. We keep our schools well resourced, our mosques and community centers well equipped and we hold community events throughout the year in our various centers across Canada. The primary demographic MAC serves is the Candian Muslim community;  nevertheless, our local community events and programs are intended to help all community members.

MAC's Official Statements on Quebec Bill21 &  National Indigenous People's Day in Canada

Click here to read the full statement
Click here to read the full statement
MAC in the NEWS JUNE 2019
Hate Crimes are Rising and Muslims are Increasingly Targets

MAC's BOD member Memona Hussain writes, "Racism & discrimination aren't simply issues related to the Muslim community   continue reading...

Canadian Teen Leaders Selected for Trip to Toronto to Share Ideas about Diversity and Building More Inclusive Schools and Communities

Sixty-five youth, between the ages of 14-18, chosen from cross Canada
continue reading...
MAC OGS Mom Donning Raptors Hijab

Spotted outside Union station along the parade route:w woman in a Raptor's hijab! #WetheNorth view here...

MindsMatter Action: Muslim Association of Canada

Extending Safe Spaces Beond the Workplace and Classroom

continue reading...
Faith Communities Should be Responding to MMIWG Report

MAC's Chairman
Nabil Sultan writes, "This is not an Indigenous problem it is an Indigenous tragedy &it is on us all to ensure it stops here
continue reading...

M Des Adolescents Canadiens se Rendent à Toronto Pour Parler de Diversite et Decoles et de   Diversité et d'écoles et de communautés plus inclusives

Soixante-cinq jeunes âgés de 14 à 18 ans, provenant des quatre coins du pays
continuer la lecture...
Raptors Viewing Party | Nationwide

Viewing Parties held at MAC brought youth, their families and the local community together view here

Centre Communautaire Laurentien CCL  celebrates la Fête nationale du Québec (National Day of Quebec)

CCL gathered the local Muslim community to mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and celebrate Francophone culture view here!
EMAAN Awards | Calgary
Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night is an annual community event recognizing Youth for their academic achievements learn more here...

June Programs | Mississauga
Mac Youth hosted their monthly program including sports, community involvement along with personal development workshop learn more here

Youth Tarbiya | Kitchener
The youth tarbiya program at Kitchener Masjid prepares them to be leaders of tomorrow, learn more

Annual Blood Drive | Calgary
MAC Calgary held its annual blood drive where donors gained rewards from Allah (SWT) & give back to their communities continue reading...

Tawheed Tetris Camp | Mississauga

This year's theme is Tawheed Tetris and the goal of this camp is to provide you with the tools to find the missing pieces to complete your worship and elevate your levels of faith!
details here...

Strive For Greatness Camp | Calgary
Kicking off the summer with a trip to a Trampoline park and sleepover so get ready for halaqat, team building, sports register here
Cours D’aérobic Pour
Femmes| Montreal

Un cours d’aérobic pour femmes session d’été pour 8 semaines à partir de 10 juin chaque lundi et jeudi de 12:15 à 13:15.
Voici le lien pour l’inscription en ligne: Lire la suite

MAC Lecture Series | Is there a need for an Islamic Perspective in the Humanities?
In partnership with @IRSStudies will explore the topic with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid, Assistant Professor at Department of Religion at Syracuse Univeristy Register here:
National Youth Photography Content | Nationwide

Take a photo  reminding you of Allah (SWT)’s beautiful name: Al-Wadud, The Most Loving. We want you to reflect on Allah’s love and affection for His servants, and how this love manifests itself in your life and in the world around you

Séjour familial | Montreal

L’Association Musulmane du Canada MAC vous invitent à un séjour exceptionnel de distraction et de détente dans une ambiance islamique register here
National Convention at MAC Head Office
All members of MAC's Board of Directors, Executive Team and representative members from across the country engaged in the Annual Meeting at the MAC head office. "This meeting was the coming of minds to discuss the progress of the Organization over the past year, critical areas of focus, and direction recommendations for the coming year. There were many orders of business that were accomplished. However, what was the essence of this meeting was a group of dedicated individuals who embodied a love for service to their community and Canadian society at large.
Every member in the room expressed the spark of connection they felt to one another because they were driven by a uniting purpose - a desire to serve their communities to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT)". Memona Hussain, Board Member reflecting on National Convention 2019.
Group Photo showing MAC's Executive Council, Board of Directors and representative members attending the National Convention 2019
MAC Building Community with Experiences Canada Youth Participants
On Tuesday, July 2nd in Mississauga, Ontario, MAC Youth invited a group of 70 high school youth from across Canada to ISNA Masjid for a tour and a workshop on Islamophobia as part of a week-long Youth Leadership Forum by Experiences Canada. Following the tour by Sh. Hosam Helal, the youth participated in a session led by the MAC Youth team to learn about the Islamic faith and the consequences of Islamophobia. The session concluded with each participant making a specific commitment to take action in the fight against hate. A heartfelt thank you to the inspirational youth for leading the way to positive and healthy societal change, may your hearts and minds always be courageous, reflective and strong.
Pictured: Youth participants from Across Canada at ISNA Masjid attending a workshop about the Islamic faith and consequences of Islamophobia in partnership with Experiences Canada
MAC Youth

MAC Youth is a dedicated department of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) that aims to develop Canadian Muslim youth with a comprehensive understanding of Islam and providing guidance to become leaders in community development. We believe our youth are best able to embrace their Islamic values and adopt a healthy Canadian lifestyle.

To invest in the future leaders of tomorrow please donate here.

A heartfelt thank you to our generous Donors!
    Ahmad Attia
Ahmad Attia lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with his wife Lyla and three beautiful children. He has served the community through youth programs, mentorship, and wider community engagement as a member of MAC. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life, professionally and through his volunteerism, to advancing community and social causes. Ahmed was recently appointed to serve as a member of the Peel Police Services board. He is also a board member of the Muslim Council of Peel. With over 15 years of experience, Ahmad currently serves as CEO of both Incisive Strategy and RisQ Consulting where he has demonstrated deep expertise in crisis management, public affairs and risk management. He also gained recognition and respect as a community advocate and human rights activist in Canada and internationally.
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